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Some of the services we can offer.

Carpet Cleaning

For our services, we use steam machines, extractors and special detergents that solve all kinds of dirt and grime. We offer you professional carpet cleaning with a guarantee of high-quality work and perfect results.

Upholstery Cleaning

Good hygiene at home naturally, cannot be achieved, unless the furniture receives special attention. As an essential element of the décor, upholstered furniture should be thoroughly steam washed at least twice a year. That way it will be fresh, clean and looking like new.

Curtain Cleaning

Proper curtain maintenance helps protect the fabric, color. We recommend having your curtains washed annually, and we offer the best cost-benefit service to do so. Contact our support team and book a curtain cleaning at fair prices!

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are not washable, which means that dust mites and germs found in them, have perfect living conditions. Even the thickest and highest-quality sheet cannot protect your mattresses from them. Do not put your health to a risk, and instead let us prove to you that we offer the best mattress cleaning services in Dalston.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Regular care and monitoring of solid flooring is of particular importance. The truth is that the hard flooring also need professional care – or at least from time to time. We will be happy to provide them for you, for all types of hard floorings. Our detergents are high-quality and eco-friendly and our machines are top of the line.

Rug Cleaning

No matter if it's a small area rug or an enormous persian rug, we'll clean it for you. We'll use the same technologies we use for our carpet cleaning servies and take a great care of your rug. If you haven't cleaned them professionaly for the past couple of years, you'll be amazed by the difference.

Why you should hire us.

In addition to offering the best quality carpet and soft fabrics cleaning services in Dalston, we are glad to do so at fair prices, and we offer special deals to our customers, regardless whether you are a regular or one-time client. We offer a wide spectrum of possibilities for the regularity of our cleaning services:

  • Daily;
  • Weekly;
  • Monthly;
  • Yearly;
  • or any other recurrence to your liking.
When you book any of our services, we will do our best to suit the appointment to your needs and requirements, your working and personal schedule.

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With my busy schedule I barely had time to do the groceries let alone clean my flat frequently. So, I decided to contact Carpet Cleaning Dalston. I must admit that you guys surprised me. The cleaners were friendly, punctual and diligent. Handled the job as I desired and the price was as quoted. I am utterly satisfied with your firm and I will use it again.

Trisha Addlestone

Web Developer
I hadn’t cleared by garage for several months and as soon as I got into it I realised that I didn’t have the time or tools to quickly and correctly carry out the job. I had used their services before and I knew that they were a safe bet. The cleaners came at the appointed time and in a couple of hours sanitised my garage from top to bottom.

John Perry

Stock Trader
I needed emergency carpet cleaning a few days ago as a glass of wine got spilled on my carpet. I found Carpet Cleaning Dalston and they showed up on the double. I didn’t know such last minute carpet cleaning services existed. They quickly unfolded their kit and within an hour got rid of the the wine stain. Didn’t charge a lot and completely saved my life. I loved it!

Jessica Harslow

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Our Prices

Here you can find a list of our cleaning services prices. Do not forget to ask about our special deals when you contact our customer support team to book an appointment for your carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning project.   prices

The Benefits of Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dalston is the perfect place for you if you’re on the lookout for any type of soft fabric cleaning services. We are proud of the high quality services we provide and of the perfectly trained teams of professionals we work with. With us your home will be cleaner and healthier. Below you can find the benefits of using some of our specialised services.

1.     Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are many advantages of hiring a professional technician to take care of your carpets. He will make sure that your carpet has been cleaned safely and effectively. Here are some benefits of booking a  professional service which will be done by a specialist:

  If you want great results, look for a technician who uses only modern and powerful equipment and non-toxic and Eco-friendly detergents. In that way you will avoid damages because of old equipment and allergies caused by chemicals.

  Domestic vacuuming removes only surface dust, but will not clean the built in grime and filth from your carpet. Professionals recommend carpet washing twice a year or at least once every year or so.

  Washing of your carpets will remove odour. You can also add deodorization for your carpets, every professional cleaner offers it.

  It will save your time and efforts. The cleaning takes only 30-40 min per room and the drying process depends on pile thickness, but you can speed it up by opening the door or windows.

  Your carpet will restore its original colour and will look like brand new.

  The carpet technician can apply protection on your carpet if you add it to your service. It will extend the life of your carpet.

2.     Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery easily absorbs lots of dirt from animals, dust, food particles and other bacteria which are not healthy for you and your family. The benefits of professional upholstery cleaning are numerous you can see some below:

  Fresh air free from dust at your home - The companies specializing in upholstery cleaning (like us) use only modern and powerful equipment and harmless ecological friendly liquids to clean your furniture. The machines work with cold or hot water, this is because some methods may caouse damage to the fibre.

  Now you can find fibre protectors on the market. They will protect it from spills, stains, those protectors act as a seal. The filthiness is not able to penetrate the fibre  and because of that is able to significantly extend the life of the furniture. Basically anything unwanted stays on top of the material until you  suck it with the vacuum or wipe it with clean cloth.

  Professional Upholstery cleaning will prolong the life of your furniture. This is another advantage, you will save money from buying new expensive furniture.

  Reduces Allergens – you can easily create a bacteria free environment for your family these days. It is most cost effective and less time consuming to call a professional who will do it for you. Dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens can also become trapped in your upholstery. Every time someone sits on the furniture in your home, these allergens puff up out of the upholstery into the air. The best way to avoid this is regular washing.

3.    Benefits of Professional Mattress Cleaning

Changing the bedding regularly does not mean that our mattress is clean as well. We need to know that mattresses keeps high volume of dirt particles, dust, dead skin flakes, dried fluid residue and millions of dust mites and other bacteria which are not good  for your family healthiness. Actually the mattress contains the highest amount of dirt particles and house dust mites in a home.

Here are some reasons to hire a  professional cleaner to clean it for you:

  They'll use high class machine to shampoo and wash your mattress, which is powerful enough to remove even stubborn stains. The professional machine will also extract 90% of the moisture.

  The detergents that used are toxic free and harmless for the fibre and 100% safe for your family. There are no fumes to bother you after the cleaning process.

  The mattress will become bacteria free environment, so your kids can play on it undisturbed.

  Keeping healthy indoor air quality in the bedroom

  It is not necessary to mention that it will save your money and time for more pleasant things to do.

  Good bedroom hygiene and total peace of mind when sleeping.

4.     Benefits of Professional Curtains Cleaning

Usually curtains are really heavy and big. Uninstalling the curtains for cleaning and then hanging them back after cleaning is a very painful task. So this work can be best handled by professionals. The benefits of hiring the professions are discussed below.

  The technicians use only top of the line equipment and materials, with  non-toxic eco-friendly liquids. They are harmless for your kids too. Also they know what method to use, in order to avoid any damage to your fabrics.

  Almost 100% removal of stubborn stains and dust. Curtains collects a lot of dust from outside.

  They will restore the fabric and will extend the life of the curtains, they'll look like brand new.

  You can add deodorization to your service, which will leave nice and aromatic scent.

  They will be almost dry after the service, the technician will advise you how long it will take to completely dry or you can just open the window to speed up the process.

5.     Benefits of Professional Hard Floor Cleaning

The principal reasons for floor cleaning are:  to beautify the floor, removing the stains, dirt and  obstructions, the grit and sand which scratch and wear down the surface. To create an allergen free environment for your family. You can use a floor wax or protective sealant to prevent wear of the floor surface, however this is not enough for nice and clean floors. These days you can find a professional service easily.

  Hard surfaces are extremely durable, but just like any high traffic area these spaces need to be regularly tended to in order to look their best and make them last.

  Companies hire well trained and experienced technicians to take care of your floor.

  They will choose the best machinery and solution to remove the dirt, grime and obstructions.

  The products that they use are tested, 100% eco friendly and non toxic, which is very important for you family's health.

  These services are fast and high quality, which means that you will have more time to spend with your beloved ones and the price will be competitive.

Even on old floor surfaces can be achieved great results. Hiring a professional company to clean your floors is an intelligent approach because it will save you money, time and a lot of stress.